Wellness Wings - Kirsti Formoso
The following websites are organisations that I recommend for furthering your understanding of mind, body and soul, obviously they include my favourite yoga organisation and my favourite meditation organisation.
Have a confident, empowering and calm birth.  Benefit from over 30 years of research and experience by HypnoBirthing® .
Information on HypnoBirthing® in Europe (not including U.K.)
Information on HypnoBirthing® U.K.
Information about Janet Balaskas and Active Birth
Emma provides a wonderful service supporting mums-to-be and new mums in breastfeeding.  She holds regular workshops and one-to-one support.
Lots of great therapists and workshops
Stay at a traditional yoga ashram and learn Hatha yoga in its purest form.  Ashrams and centres across the world.
A 10 day silent meditation will set you well on your way in the area of meditation.  This is a charity run organisation, no set fees just donations for your stay.
Alexandra is a home Midwife practicing on the Cote d'Azur, her approach is very condusive to a normal physiological birth
Sophie practices Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.
Julia practices Homeopathy and teaches Baby Massage
Christine specialises in detox and does massage and colon hydrotherapy.
Louise practices Maternal Reflexology

This website is full of interesting information to help you understand how your mind works.
A great resource for any one looking for natural remedies you can find in the kitchen cupboard
An informative website all about wellness, including a wellness questionnaire to give you an idea of where you can make improvements in your life.